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Born in the 2000’s and raised in New York City, the artist who made this artwork has taken a lot of inspirations from media such as cartoons, video games, comics, music, movies, anime. He has dreams of being either a voice actor, animator, or maybe the creator of his show. Some of his biggest inspirations that affected his artwork are Dragon Ball Z, Spectacular Spider-Man, Batman and Spider-Man the animated series, Wild Kratts, Ed, Edd & Eddy, & 90’s comic book artwork from artist like Mark Bagley, Bruce Timm, & Todd McFarlane. He’s been a fan of superheroes ever since the age of 8 and Shonen Anime since the age of 11. He values art as a form of expression, whether it be a story, an outlet for emotion, paintings of the world around one’s self, or just even a simplistic stick figure. He wants his work to be seen and hopes people can see the value like he does. His goal in life is to help and see others and himself thrive and prosper, and to one day have global peace. 

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